Top 10 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Self-Care

Showing compassion and kindness to others is vital, but we often fail to show the same level of kindness to ourselves. Regularly acknowledging our self-esteem and practicing self-care are key elements in promoting healthy physical and mental health. Yet incorporating self-care into our daily routines can seem tedious or daunting. At first glance, it may seem difficult to determine the priority or importance of a particular task, since so many other tasks require attention.

Frequently putting the needs of others above our own can lead to a lack of personal time, which leads to stress and resentment, and ultimately limits our ability to perform to our highest potential. By continually developing self-compassion, we have the ability to develop a constructive attitude that allows us to approach our responsibilities and relationships with enthusiasm and contentment, thus maintaining the positive cycle. If you're not sure where to start on your self-love journey, these tips can help you incorporate them into your daily life.

1. Take care of your body

Are you using your computer to multitask during special moments with your beloved partner? We often multitask while eating, leading to misinterpretation or under-enjoyment of food. Make sure you take care of yourself and enjoy your meals without interruption.

If you take care of your body with love and focus, you will not only increase your self-esteem, but your vitality as well. Careful consideration and choice of diet is essential to improve overall health and well-being, not just focus on appearance and aesthetics.

2. Appreciate your accomplishments

No matter the difficulty or size, every achievement—whether maintaining a relationship, completing chores, or fulfilling work responsibilities—is important and deserves recognition. While it's good to make a to-do list, it's also important to acknowledge and appreciate what's been done. At the end of the day, it's a good idea to reflect on what you've accomplished, either by keeping them in your head or writing them down before bed.

3. Be grateful

It is beneficial to record our achievements and possessions. Make it a habit to keep a journal near your sleeping area and write down any positive aspects of your life that you think deserve attention. It is wise to have the spirit of acknowledging and valuing the important things in life, which includes having a trusted partner and clean sheets.

4. Stop comparing

Many of us have scrolled through social media to see our favorite celebs showing off the covers of their upcoming books before announcing their engagement, while enjoying an exciting shopping spree. One should keep in mind that attractive images shown online may not be real as even those that look flawless can go through difficult situations.

5. Disconnect to reconnect to yourself

While there are many advantages to using Instagram and Facebook, is there really an advantage to exposing yourself to other people's fictional online personas? Often, people just show off their accomplishments, and when you compare your entire life to someone else's handpicked moments of success, you feel inferior. Set aside a specific time frame for detaching from social media platforms and embracing the attractions of the moment.

Know that you have the power to create your own narrative. It's important to realize how silly it is to compare your life to someone else's because even if you know them well, you can never really understand how they feel and see your life. Instead of getting distracted, focus your energy and time on developing and creating your own path.

6. Build a good community

Although people think they can do everything by themselves, this assumption is not entirely true. Having a dedicated local community of loved ones is crucial to building a solid support network and organizing enjoyable social gatherings.

Be careful with the people you decide to spend time with and don't spend time with someone who consists entirely of compassion.

7. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Think about how many worries are actually good for your well-being. Undoubtedly, a certain level of attention is invaluable in motivating us to address and resolve underlying problems. Postponing the resolution of pessimistic thoughts can gradually reduce their impact on your thought process. So you take on that responsibility every month.

8. Create a Self-Care Toolkit

Make a lovely basket filled with things that bring happiness and a sense of uniqueness into your life. There are options including nail polish, candies, scented lotions with coconut extract, photos of loved ones and a new pair of socks. Store your mood-boosting items in a pretty basket and keep them within easy reach in your bedroom or bathroom. Use it when extra positivity is needed.

By highlighting your best qualities, you can inspire those in your close social circle and spread positivity. Discover benefits, foster harmony and experience growing optimism.

9. Identify what works for you

Taking a comprehensive inventory of your skills and accomplishments under the motto "What made me successful" can provide a sense of self-affirmation. Making a conscious effort to identify and list all the positives in your life can promote the development of self-empathy.

10. Find your spiritual side

Confidence is the foundation of self-love. Beginning to find your spirituality can give you a new perspective on who you are, reveal hidden aspects of your personality, and evoke a range of feelings. Exploring who you really are during this journey can help you recognize and honor your true nature.


It should be recognized that self-care is an important aspect of maintaining overall health and should not be considered a luxurious indulgence in this day and age. It's important to be kind to yourself when you don't achieve your goals. Level up and rejoin the fray. As the saying goes, the harder you practice, the more proficient you will become.